About Us

Our Fishing Product

Our product was developed by avid ice anglers devoted to maximizing every "fish-on" opportunity. The Bobber Buddy fishing alarm is perfect for any ice fishing situation, and is effective for any species of fish.  The Bobber Buddy effectively eliminates the need for rattle reels, can be used with most slip bobbers, and allows the angler to jig while utilizing the system-or simply set it and forget it! The Bobber Buddy is manufacted right here in the USA.

"Not fair! This is the greatest invention since the fish finder!  Are you sure this thing is legal? Throw your rattle reels away!"  

PS- "I was  up on Rainy River a couple of weeks ago and was checked by the DNR.  Not only is it legal--he wanted one"--Chris V

How it Works

The Bobber Buddy works with any slip bobber setup.  Simply slide the top of your slip bobber (foam bobbers work too) into the slot on the Bobber Buddy and turn on the switch!  Leave the bail open on your reel!  When the fish bites an alarm sounds, a light illuminates (in case it's the middle of the night and you're not sure what hole it is).  You simply close the bail, set the hook, and reel in the fish!  You can also actively jig while the slip bobber is in the Bobber Buddy!  When you get bored, open the bail, set the rod down, and wait for the alarm to sound!  It's that easy!  The Bobber Buddy also allows you to slide the bobber in only slightly for the light bite (Crappies), or further in for the monster Walleye bite with the heavier jigs!


"We use it in our Ice Castle.  We threw our rattle reels away and set up all 8 holes with the Bobber Buddy when it's time to hit the sack.  It's great because we can use our normal rods, reels, and tackle that we've been fishing with instead of re-tying our rattle reels!  We catch more fish as well because we don't have to try and pull up the fish hand over hand with the rattle reels!" --Steve T

"I can't tell you how many times I've looked down to see my bobber under the ice only to realize that I missed the fish because I wasn't paying attention!  The Bobber Buddy's audible tone saves the day!" --Chad B

"I like the LED light!  At 2 in the morning when the alarm goes off I know exactly what hole to go to.  When I used rattle reels I'd have to run from hole to hole to figure out which one it was!" --Paul K

"We are a family who loves to fish, however, we don't necessarily enjoy staring at the bobber the entire time.  The Bobber Buddy Ice Fish Alarm lets us enjoy the game, play cards, or take a nap in-between the action!" ----Nancy V

"In South Dakota we can fish 4 holes per person, my husband was always mad at me because I wasn't watching all four bobbers!  Now I set them all up with the Bobber Buddy and read a book!  The Bobber Buddy saved my marriage!:)"--Ann Z

"I fish in portables primarily.  I replaced my tip ups with the Bobber Buddy.  I fish one hole in the house and drill another one 10 feet away and set it up with the Bobber Buddy.  My kids love to run to the hole when the alarm goes off!  It works great at night as well because of the light!  I also like the fact that the Bobber Buddy keeps the line centered on the hole so it doesn't freeze to the edge."---Mark L

"We used it on Rainy River last week.  There was an old timer fishing about 20 yards from my Bobber Buddy.  Every time I'd get a bite he'd yell "Fish on!".  I think he was more excited than I was! We were done fishing by 3pm with our limit--The Bobber Buddy caught half of them" -Wayne R